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Why Credit Companies Target College Students

Presentation This paper examines why charge card organizations ought not market to undergrads .The way of life of spending has become a significant shaper of cultural methodology towards cash and is currently an across the board lifestyle in colleges.Advertising We will compose a custom exposition test on Why Credit Companies Target College Students? explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More In an offer to get more clients, the charge card organizations target undergrads, and to do this, they utilize self-assured showcasing procedures so as to pull in understudies. Understudies have been collected in homes where cash obtained through credit is utilized without hindrances (Ritzer 1995).Since credit is accessible effectively, understudies will in general overspend. Undergrads presently have simpler access to credit than any previous ages. Nonetheless, the utilization of charge cards and the obligations that is a result of cards have become an inexorably money related dange r to understudies. Today’s Mastercard organizations are getting ludicrously silly with their showcasing thoughts and procedures. A significant number of their techniques are pointed towards individuals who are bound to be untrustworthy. The one methodology I might want to converse with you about and my conclusion about it is charge card organizations ought not be nearby advertising to undergrads. Why credit organizations target undergrads One perspective to this is Mastercard organizations target understudies in light of the fact that a large number of them are youthful. More youthful individuals are no doubt gullible and don't go through their cash admirably. They would utilize a Mastercard for everything and perhaps let the parity heap up and just compensation the base. This would make the intrigue heap up and when they paid their bill, a large portion of the installment would be going towards the intrigue. This would get the charge card organizations more cash-flow. Anothe r perspective would be that perhaps Mastercard organizations feel that if individuals are sufficiently keen to head off to college that possibly they are truly shrewd with their cash and are totally in charge of their money related status. Perhaps the organizations see it as a spot to get some consistent esteemed clients. I understood that perspective when I requested that my mom read what I was composing and that was her perspective! I do consider her to be of view as a significant assessment and I making the most of her analysis of the point. Be that as it may, let me disclose to you a portion of the realities and things that I have learned while reading this argument.Advertising Looking for paper on business financial matters? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In a report from understudies move on from montage while being obligated to credit organizations for critical sums This report further shows that 10% of students graduate with thousand of dollars as advances. In the wake of completing your examinations it’s a night female horse for you to begin considering paying obligation to charge cards organizations. It’s all that could possibly be needed for a multi year old to consider how he will pay school credits, utilities and lease on the off chance that he utilized them and how he will bolster himself throughout everyday life. There will be bills to be paid each month and other extra obligation, for instance, vehicle credit. That is as of now a ton of worries that must dealt with by a youthful understudy. Before setting off for college, an understudy should utilize some major standards to abstain from falling into the obligation trap. These are some fascinating realities I gained from a creator named Latoya Irby. She was additionally keen on this contention. I took in a ton from her. Understudies who are in school are the principle focus of credit organizations. This is so a result of a few methods of reasoning: They expect the credit collected from the cards will be cleared by the student’s guardians. Understudies face numerous long stretches of clearing the obligation. Organizations go significantly further to offer credit to understudies who have no security. For representation, an understudy can approach credit with no security being required. This demonstrates they are determined to raise a ruckus in a manner of speaking. They go after youngsters and attempt to get them guided and sucked into the framework. I think it is dismal this is permitted to go on, particularly in a spot where we go to better ourselves. Out of every other place on earth a school isn't a spot that these sorts of things ought to occur. Disposition of understudies toward charge card utilization The difference in viewpoint towards cash has become a basic methods for the widening of the school student’s purchaser propensities. Discoveries personal that the resu ltant mentalities towards cash: â€Å"power, renown, doubt, and anxiety† (Yamauchi and Templer 1982) are connected to buys that are habitual, whereby the utilization of Visas midpoints these relationships. Studies involving a wide scope of grown-up purchasers uncovered that around 1%-6% fall under the class of purchasers that are enthusiastic. When Faber and O’Guinn’s (1992) â€Å"clinical screener for urgent buying† is utilized to analyze the respondents, 6% of addressed understudies are esteemed to utilize cash for buys out of impulse. Accordingly, the markers point to the requirement for an upgraded understanding of the disposition towards making acquisition of undergrads. A few factors, that include: mental and financial impacts are the fundamental benefactors of the perspectives towards the utilization of charge cards. When purchasing patterns of undergrads are broke down, a wistful disposition towards credit and sexual orientation were the principle affecters of the students’ choice to utilize (or not use) credit for purchases.Advertising We will compose a custom paper test on Why Credit Companies Target College Students? explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More This wistful disposition towards credit influenced how garments, amusement, fuel, travel and food (that isn't home made) were purchased. Females made more acquisition of garments, while guys made more acquisition of gadgets and amusement related merchandise. Females were found to have made buys that followed the standards of financial aspects more than guys. Determination According to an official statement explanation of the American Consumer Federation, when the charge card obligation and study advances of an understudy are included, the all out is around $20,000. Subsequently the obligations of the understudy that has gone to school may surpass those of the masses that has not gone to arrangement which implies that understudies who use charge car ds will be troubled with serious monetary concerns later on throughout everyday life. This paper has talked about how credit collected by understudies while still in school has critical outcomes on their future fiscal wellbeing. This paper presumes that credit organizations ought not market to undergrads, so as not instigate understudies to embrace obligations pointlessly which would prompt a drawn out budgetary weight. References Faber and O’Guinn. 1992. â€Å"A Clinical Screener for Compulsive Buying†. Diary of Consumer Research, 19:459â€469. Ritzer, G. 1995. Communicating America: A Critique of the Global Credit Card Society, Thousand Oaks , CA : Pine Forge Press. Yamauchi, K. what's more, D. Templer 1982. â€Å"The Development of a Money Attitudes Scale†. Diary of Personality Asses This paper on Why Credit Companies Target College Students? was composed and put together by client AlexWilder to help you with your own investigations. You are allowed to utilize it for examination and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; be that as it may, you should refer to it in like manner. You can give your paper here.

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9 causas para perder la ciudadanía de Estados Unidos

9 causas para perder la ciudadanã ­a de Estados Unidos Los ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos pueden perder su condiciã ³n de estadounidenses si realizan determinadas acciones que llevan aparejada como consecuencia la pã ©rdida de la nacionalidad. Esto aplica tanto a los ciudadanos que adquirieron su condiciã ³n en el momento del nacimiento como a los que la obtuvieron posteriormente, incluido el trmite que se conoce como naturalizaciã ³n, por el que los residentes permanentes legales se convierten en ciudadanos. Puntos clave: pã ©rdida de la ciudadanã ­a estadounidense Child raros los casos de retirada de la ciudadanã ­a estadounidense. La ley tiene previstos nueve casos en los que puede darse pero tasks ellos requieren que se trate de un acto voluntario y consciente.Una situaciã ³n diferente child los casos de desnaturalizaciã ³n por fraude, que se han incrementado en los à ºltimos aã ±os. Se est quitando la ciudadanã ­a a personas que mintieron en las aplicaciones de naturalizaciã ³n, obtenciã ³n de la tarjeta de residencia o las que cometieron un delito bets de naturalizarse y no revelaron este problema en la aplicaciã ³n. 9 acciones que, en teorã ­a, podrã ­an provocar la pã ©rdida de la ciudadanã ­a de los Estados Unidos Segã ºn la Secciã ³n 359 de la Ley de Inmigraciã ³n y Nacionalidad (INA, por sus siglas en inglã ©s), en la actualidad un estadounidense solamente podrã ­a stanza privado de su ciudadanã ­a cuando se dan una de las circunstancias siguientes: Prestar juramento o declaraciã ³n formalâ de lealtad an otro paã ­s despuã ©s de cumplir los 18 aà ±os.Obtener la nacionalidad de otro paã ­s de forma voluntaria y por peticiã ³n propia despuã ©s de haber cumplido los 18 aã ±os de edad. Servir en cualquier categorã ­a en un Ejã ©rcito extranjero hostil hacia Estados UnidosServir como oficial comisionado o no comisionado en el Ejã ©rcito de otro paà ­sServir como soldado en un Ejã ©rcito no hostil hacia Estados UnidosTrabajar para un gobierno extranjero despuã ©s de cumplir los 18 aã ±os Renunciar voluntaria y formalmente a la ciudadanã ­a como hicieron estos 10 famosos. Sentencia firme condenatoria por traiciã ³n a los Estados UnidosCondena firme por intentar derrocar el gobierno de los Estados Unidos En el caso de trabajar para gobierno extranjero es necesario que adems, se dã © una de las siguientes circunstancias: poseer tambiã ©n la nacionalidad del paã ­s de dicho gobierno , es decir, debe darse un caso de doble nacionalidad prestar algã ºn tipo de juramento o promesa como condiciã ³n para acceder an ese puesto de trabajo. Por otro lado, en el caso de renuncia voluntaria a la nacionalidad estadounidense, si se est fuera de los Estados Unidos la declaraciã ³n debe hacerse en una embajada o consulado de USA. Por el contrario, si la persona que desea renunciar se encuentra dentro del paã ­s deber contactar con el Departamento de Seguridad Interna. Sin ban, no siempre que se produzca uno de estos hechos se pierde la nacionalidad. Ya que por ley es necesario que concurran obligatoriamente dos requisitos siguientes: que el acto ocean voluntarioque el acto se realice con la intenciã ³n de abandonar la condiciã ³n de ciudadano. Y es que en Afroyim v. Rusk, una sentencia deâ 1967 la Corte Suprema reconoce que un ciudadano americano tiene un derecho constitucional a permanecer siendo ciudadano, a menos que voluntariamente renuncie a la nacionalidad. Y en 1980 con la sentencia Vance v. Terrace,â la Corte estableciã ³ que tal renuncia se puede hacer mediante una declaraciã ³n o mediante acciã ³n. Es fcil determinar que el acto es voluntario. Lo que no es tan claro es determinar cundo existe la intenciã ³n de realmente dejar de ser estadounidense. Para esto aplica la norma de las presunciones y a continuaciã ³n se explica cã ³mo se debe entender. Cundo el gobierno de EE.UU. entiende que feed intenciã ³n de renunciar a la ciudadanã ­a estadounidense Adems, de obviamente, cuando se renuncia formalmente a la ciudadanã ­a, se pierde, las autoridades consideran que feed intenciã ³n de dejar de ser estadounidense cuando: Se sirve en cualquier posiciã ³n en un Ejã ©rcito en hostilidades contra los Estados UnidosCuando feed una condena por traiciã ³n o por intentar derrocar al gobiernoCuando se sirve an un gobierno extranjero en una posiciã ³n polã ­tica En estos tres casos, los oficiales consulares investigarnâ si efectivamente se da la intenciã ³n de abandonar la ciudadanã ­a, como en principio se assume. Y en base a dicha investigaciã ³n, resolvern. Cundo el gobierno entiende que NO feed intenciã ³n de renunciar Existe una premisa administrativa que considera que se tiene la intenciã ³n de seguir siendo estadounidense en tasks los dems casos no previstos en el caso foremost. Es decir, cuando se presta alianza an otro paã ­s, se adquiere su nacionalidad, se presta servicio en un Ejã ©rcito extranjero no hostil o se acepta un trabajo para otro gobierno a nivel no polã ­tico.â La persona que realiza cualquiera de las cuatro actividades arriba mencionadas no necesita pedir permiso risks de hacerlas ni tampoco notificar a ninguna autoridad History of the U.S su intenciã ³n de seguir siendo estadounidense, ya que eso es lo que se assume. Pero es posible que cuando pida la renovaciã ³n del pasaporte americano o solicite registrarse para votar o cualquier otra actividad reservada a ciudadanos un oficial consular le pregunte si al realizar una de las cuatro acciones risks seã ±aladas deseaba renunciar a la nacionalidad estadounidense. Bastar con contestar â€Å"no† para seguir siendo americano. Sin ban, en el pasado no period asã ­ y muchos ciudadanos perdieron su nacionalidad. En estos casos podrã ­a ser posible recuperarla. Casos de desnaturalizaciã ³n por fraude Entre 1990 y 2017 hubo un all out de 305 desnaturalizaciones, es decir, 11 casos por aã ±o en los que se le quitã ³ la ciudadanã ­a estadounidense a personas que la habã ­an adquirido por medio de la naturalizaciã ³n. Pero desde ese aã ±o las desnaturalizaciones han incrementado y el gobierno reconoce que en la actualidad roughage aproximadamente unos 2.500 casos siendo investigados. Adems, en el presupuesto del aã ±o financial 2019 feed destinados an ICE 207 millones para investigar posibles casos de desnaturalizaciã ³n y que le permiten contratar an abogados e investigadores para intentar encontrar casos en los que el ciudadano naturalizado cometiã ³ fraude, es decir, mintiã ³, en el proceso de naturalizaciã ³n u obtenciã ³n de la green card. Adems, se buscan particularmente casos en los que el ahora ciudadano cometiã ³ alguna felonã ­a bets de adquirir la ciudadanã ­a y no lo reportã ³. Especialmente, los investigadores estn interesados en los casos de personas que recibieron una orden de deportaciã ³n pero se quedaron en el paã ­s y, posteriormente, adquirieron la ciudadanã ­a bajo otro nombre. Esto es posible porque se estn investigando huellas digitales de los aã ±os 90 y anteriores que no estaban digitalizadas y se estn comparando con los expedientes de naturalizaciã ³n. Consecuencias de la pã ©rdida de la ciudadanã ­aâ de EE.UU. Se dejan de tener tasks los privilegios, derechos y libertades propios de ser estadounidense Adems, a partir de ese momento se deber solicitar una visa para entrar an Estados Unidos, a menos que la persona ocean main de un pasaporte que le permita entrar como turista bajo el Programa de Exenciã ³n de Visas. Si careciese de otro pasaporte, la persona que voluntariamente deja de ser estadounidense se considera que es aptrida y carece de la protecciã ³n de ningã ºn estado. En task caso, la renuncia no evitar que esa persona ocean sometida a juicio por posibles delitos que haya cometido en EE.UU.. Asimismo, continã ºa estando obligada a hacer frente a las obligaciones financieras que haya contraã ­do en EE.UU. y a las militares, si las tuviera. Por à ºltimo, dejar de ser americano no supone el balance automtico de la relaciã ³n con los impuestos americanos, ya que habr que seguir cumpliendo esta obligaciã ³n por 10 aã ±os. Se aconseja consultar con el IRS para asegurarse de cules child las obligaciones pendientes en materia de tasas. La renuncia a la nacionalidad History of the U.S es definitiva. Es decir, una vez realizada no feed vuelta atrs. La à ºnica excepciã ³n es plantear una demanda administrativa o legal y ganarla. Y en el caso de las personas que dejaron de ser americanas motu proprio cuando eran menores de edad, debern notificar al Departamento de Estado que desean volver a ser estadounidenses dentro de los seis meses siguientes a haber cumplido los 18 aã ±os. Como es un acto de grandes consecuencias, bets de llevarlo a cabo es recomendable consular sobre el proceso para entender tasks sus aspectos. Las dudas se atienden en la Oficina de Asuntos Consulares del DoS en Washington, llamando al 1-202-736-9110 o enviando un correo electrã ³nico an Derechos y obligaciones de los estadounidenses en el outside Los ciudadanos tienen obligaciã ³n de pagar impuestos, aunque residan habitualmente en otro paã ­s. Pero tambiã ©n tienen derechos, como en determinados casos transmitir la ciudadanã ­a a sus hijos, recibir el pago del check del seguro social o votar en las elecciones para Presidente registrndose en el à ºltimo estado en el que se residiã ³. Si han formado una familia y desean regresar an Estados Unidos, podrn solicitar los papeles por matrimonio para su cã ³nyuge, si bien pueden existir obstculos que deben ser tenidos en cuenta. Este es un artã ­culo informativo. No

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Sumerian And Egyptian Deities Essays - Egyptian Gods, Enma Eli

Sumerian And Egyptian Deities The Sumerian and Egyptian societies built up a rich and point by point folklore over the a huge number of long stretches of their reality. Each culture built up its own mind boggling, polytheistic arrangement of divinities and love. There are numerous parts of both of these two culture's divine beings that are comparative, yet for one to really comprehend the connection between these two societies one must dive further and take a gander at the distinctions. The Sumerians had four driving gods known as making divine beings. These divine beings were A, the lord of paradise; Ki (Kiki), the goddess of earth; Enlil, the lord of air; and Enki (who later became Ea), the divine force of water. Like these maker divine beings, most Sumerian divine beings are the exemplification of nearby components and normal powers. (Kramer) The Sumerian divine beings were assembled into three levels demonstrating their significance and force. The most elevated level was that of the essential gods or maker divine beings who were made for making all life on earth life. The following degree of divine beings were known as The Seven Who Announced Fate. This gathering not just comprised of the four essential divinities yet in addition included Nanna, his child Utu, the sun god and a divine force of equity, and Nanna's girl, Inanna, goddess of affection and war. The greater part of the divine beings were in the next level that was known as the fifty extraordinary divine beings or the Anunna. The base level comprised of lower divine beings, diving beings, and now and again saints. Sumerians accepted people were made as work sparing devises for the divine beings. Every family and town had a supporter god that may interven in pained occasions to help the individuals. Most towns additionally had a ziggurat in which they loved that city's god. The ziggurat additionally filled in as the home of the esteemed cleric. The high cleric was viewed as awesome and it was his business to tell the individuals the other divine beings' will. This was generally done by understanding sheep or goat entrails.(Siren) One legend known as the creation fantasy summarizes a ton about how the Egyptian divine beings were made. In this fantasy, it recounts when there was only a ground-breaking being called Nun. Cloister adherent was ground-breaking to such an extent that a sparkling egg emerged from her, which was Ra. Ra was thought to have been forceful to such an extent that he willed his youngsters into being. The first was Shu, who was viewed as the divine force of the space furthermore, light between the sky and the earth. Next Ra made Tefnut, who was the exemplification of the dampness of the sky. At that point the divine force of the earth, Geb was made. Next Nut was made. Nut was the goddess of the daytime sky, however was later the goddess of the sky by and large. The last god to be made was Hapi, the old Egyptian divine force of the Nile. After the entirety of the divine beings where made, Ra made men and went practical in human structure to lead as the principal pharaoh of Egypt. (Egypt Mythology)Unlike the Sumerian confidence in a gathering of divine beings making everything, Egyptians trusted Ra made the earth and living things. Moreover Egyptians, similar to the Sumerians, accepted that their strict pioneers were as a matter of fact divine beings themselves. Egyptians didn't accept that there was a benefactor god for every city albeit every god had a city that was viewed as their focal point of venerate. Additionally, in contrast to the Sumerians, the Egyptians didn't have a mind boggling framework of levels for their gods, albeit a few divinities resistant stand apart as being the conspicuous divine beings. This is most likely in light of the fact that those divine beings were thought to have influenced the regular day to day existence of the Egyptians. Egyptian divine beings were loved in colossal sanctuaries that were dissipated all through Egypt. In a large number of these sanctuaries hieroglyphic works about numerous Egyptian divine beings, due to this we presently know an huge measure of data about this current societies' divine beings. (Particles) The equivalent can be said for the Sumerians who left cuneiform tablets that revealed to us much about this old development. There are numerous parts of both of these two culture's divine beings that are comparative, yet for one to genuinely comprehend the connection between these two societies one must dive further and take a gander at the distinctions. Both the Egyptians and the Sumerians venerated numerous divine beings that are the representations of neighborhood components and common powers. Each culture hade a unique god for the major life supporting components, for example, water, air, and light (sun). Then again, each culture created singular legends and approaches to love their divine beings. In end, the religions of these two old civic establishments

An Interview with Jennifer South WWOR-TV free essay sample

This paper talks about system TV promoting concerning an inside and out meeting with Ms. South,a previous deals official at WWOR-TV UPN 9. The paper inspects arrange TV promoting, concentrating explicitly on United Paramount Network, their rules on leeway and associate pay, estimating, square programming, CPMS and Avails. Ms. South clarifies the contrasts between front, dissipated, and spot purchases just as the meaning of the terms: inclusion region, day parts, appropriation rates and station contract. From the paper: ?The initial phase in getting your commercial put on UPN is accumulating freedom for your promotion. On the off chance that your advertisement isn?t endorsed by the system it won?t air.?, Ms. South specifies. ?To maintain a strategic distance from costly altering costs you shouldn?t even make the business except if earlier endorsement has been gotten for the business at the content and storyboard level.? During the freedom stage all cases embraced in the business must be archived. We will compose a custom paper test on An Interview with Jennifer South WWOR-TV or on the other hand any comparable point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page

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How to Write Good Comparative Essay Topics

How to Write Good Comparative Essay TopicsMost colleges now require students to take a comparison essay and compare two contrasting subjects, subjects such as the U.S. Constitution and the Bible. These articles are required for most admission requirements and can greatly improve your grade point average (GPA) if you write them well.Even though most of us know what an essay is and how to properly create one, many students still tend to neglect this part of their composition grade. While doing your preparation, be sure to compare two things in your college application or admission essay. This will help you master these aspects of the essay and enhance your skills.The essays you will be required to write on your college applications are called Comparison-Concern Essay Topics. Some examples of these are comparing the Christian faith with other religions or comparing a 'welfare' system with the free-market economy. Other examples are comparing the education system in the United States to that in other countries. These topics help students understand how well they can create effective and meaningful articles by considering the differences between two opposing points of view.When learning how to write an article, remember that outline writing is also a skill. Be sure to list your topic in a logical order, beginning with the topic that you will cover in your essay, and ending with the conclusion that you want to get across. By the time you get to the end of your article, you should have gained a thorough understanding of the topic and all of the implications.It is also important to learn to effectively summarize what you will say in your outline writing so that you can then express your students's comprehension of the article. When students read the summary section of your composition, they should be able to follow and fully comprehend what you have written. You can also use the summarizing section to make sure that your students have fully understood the conclusion. T his is a must for any student in college.Any good essay can be turned into a great way to get a job by using the right research. There are many different methods of studying and knowing your own biases to help you master these article skills. Any professor, whether it is online or in a classroom, is going to appreciate a proper analysis of what you have written. The words in an essay like this are often used to make or break the reader's interpretation of the situation.If you're writing for a college application, remember that you're writing to a group of people who are judging you. You need to focus on not only making yourself look good in this critical task, but you also need to make sure that you convey your best possible ideas in order to gain admittance to your chosen school. Writing this type of article is not something that most students ever consider, but it is an important part of the process. You should learn how to write an effective comparison essay.Remember that good co mparison essay topics are a part of college admissions. Take the time to learn what your weaknesses are and what you're good at and find a way to use it to your advantage.

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Good Resources for College Scholarships

Learn How to Start Your Scholarship Search and What to Do to Stand Out In addition to searching for the school that best aligns with personal needs and goals, many students and families are eager to find higher education options that are a good financial fit. College scholarships can help make universities more affordable while also offering students the opportunity to spotlight unique strengths and passions. When it comes to applying for college scholarships, it can be difficult to figure out how to get started. Keep reading for some top tips for searching for and securing college scholarships. Do Your ResearchWe advise students to conduct thorough and comprehensive research. Instead of settling for the first program you see, carefully examine different scholarship opportunities in order to gauge which ones are the most relevant to you. There are thousands of unique scholarship opportunities, so it is important to sift through all of your options and pinpoint a select handful to apply for. Personalize Your Process Students should focus on scholarships that directly relate to their interests, goals, personal achievements, and backgrounds. Because there are so many unique scholarship opportunities out there, it is likely that every applicant will be able to find at least a handful of programs that specifically relate to their profile and background. Students who choose scholarship opportunities that are truly relevant to them will have an easier time completing the application process and will likely stand out as exceptionally qualified applicants. Mind the Fine PrintThe rules and regulations for application processes can differ significantly, depending on which scholarship a student is applying for. In order to be competitive throughout the application process, applicants need to make sure they are following proper protocol. This can include submitting applications by certain deadlines and providing all of the materials outlined in the opportunity. Some scholarships may ask for high school transcripts, essays, and letters of recommendation, so make sure you have everything you need in order to stand out. Get Started EarlyWhile scholarship deadlines can vary significantly, students who start the search process early are often at an advantage. Getting a jumpstart on scholarship applications can also help to ensure that students will have ample time to focus on their college applications and bypass some of the stress that comes with having to complete both at once. Below, we highlight some top scholarship search resources for students who are eager to start working on their applications as soon as possible: BigFuture Scholarship Search: The College Board’s scholarship search resource includes over 2,200 unique programs and a total of more than 6 billion dollars of aid money. Personalization options help to ensure search results are relevant to specific applicants. With over 3.7 million college scholarships and grants, this resource provides applicants with a high number of opportunities. The website also has a scholarship directory for students who are eager to view as many options as possible. Fastweb: This scholarship search resource also includes part-time job listings for students who are eager to gain work experience while on campus. Fastweb also creates lists and categories to make it easier for students to stay on top of their to-do lists. Federal Student Aid: A resource from the US Department of Education, this website answers FAQs and has links to several different search tools. The college scholarship process takes time and hard work, but it can also be an exciting opportunity to gain recognition for the causes and passions that a student is most interested in. If you are in the midst of the college search process and need guidance, our team of college admissions experts can offer personalized advice.